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About the John Gilchrist Trophy

John Gilchrist was one of the clubs founder members and served as club Chairman for a number of years.

By his own admission, John was not one of the best pilots out there but he could "waffle it around the sky in the sort of direction I want it to go." He derived far more pleasure from building and his models were always immaculate.

If the day was 'flyable', John would be found at whatever site the club was using at the time, (we were somewhat nomadic at that period in the clubs history) and was quite content to watch others fly and give advice on building techniques to any one who was working on a model. (Back then ARTF hadn't been invented.)

As Chairman, John worked hard to give the fledgling club some stability, and always shrewd, he gathered a committee who could best achieve that goal, some of whom are still serving. Never in the best of health, sadly John died before that was achieved.

The club, along with his family, felt that a memorial trophy to be presented annually would be a fitting way to remember John and his work on behalf of the club.

His family were asked to provide the criteria for awarding the trophy and as John was primarily a builder who would fly a model a few times to prove it worked before starting his next project, felt the following would encourage others to experience the same pleasure John derived from membership of HMFC. 

  1. The model must be built by the pilot.

  2. Kits, scratch built or own design but not ARTF.

  3. Flown at the club site at some point during the year.

  4. To be voted for by the membership (not decided by the serving committee).

  5. The trophy to be awarded annually.





John Gilchrist Trophy 2019-2020

West Calder Members Presentation




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